What are MUUF muffs made of?

Our muffs are made of high-quality super soft faux fur, lined with 100% organic linen and insulated with G-LOFT® Premium Insulation. The strap is made of durable faux leather and the highest quality metal accessories. Please note that the metal parts contain nickel.

Are MUUF products vegan-friendly?

Absolutely. We make our muffs from natural or synthetic materials only.

Do you ever plan on making products from real fur?

Never. That’s as sure as fate. We don't support fur industry, nor the brands that produce from real fur. 

Why should I wear faux fur? Isn’t the real fur warmer and just better?

Faux fur can look just as good as the real thing while being completely humane and cruelty-free (and cheaper, for that matter). We were looking for a high-quality, thick and beautiful faux fur for quite some time before we found the one you see on our products now. So yeah, there are plenty of crappy faux furs out there, but if you go for a good one, it can serve you in the same way as the real fur. 

What makes the muff warm?

Our muffs are lined with 100% linen, a fabric known for being a natural insulator. The linen fiber has an ability to trap warmth in cold temperatures. Inside, the muff is cushioned by the G-LOFT® Premium Insulation that is based on a special type of bi-component hollow fiber that ensures optimum thermal insulation. And finally, on top is a thick faux fur to keep your hands awesomely warm and cosy.

Why is the muff better than gloves?

Gloves separate your fingers which prevents your body from generating natural heat by rubbing your fingers against each other. Inside the muff, you can freely rub your hands together and create your own warm, cosy spot. On top of that, rubbing your hands against the linen lining of the muff helps you create even more heat and trap it inside. 

Where are MUUF products made?

All MUUF products are handcrafted in central Europe (Slovakia). 

Who are MUUF products suited for?

A great thing about muffs is that they fit absolutely all ages, styles and types of personalities. Note we're talking about women here. Men are not so keen on muffs yet. (I know what's on your mind now, dirty!) 

How should I care about my muff?

Muffs are not overfond of water so don’t wash it or expose it to heavy rain or snow. If your muff gets soaked, just brush it with a comb and leave it to air-dry. If it feels like your muff could use some proper clean-up, take it to the dry cleaners and they’ll know what to do. You can brush your muff’s hair from time to time as well, just for a treat.

Can I wear a muff when it rains or snows?

We don’t recommend wearing your muff when the forecast says rain, but gentle drizzle or snowing should be fine. 

Is muff suitable as a gift?

Absolutely. A muff makes a great gift for your sister, best friend, mum or even stylish grandma! Our muffs are one size and have an adjustable strap so you can’t go wrong! Just pick a colour that suits your loved one the most. On top of that, every MUUF muff comes with a linen dust bag, so it’s basically packed as a gift already.

How's my muff going to be packed and delivered?

Each muff is packed in a colour matching linen dust bag so you can store it safely while you’re not wearing it. Your muff will be delivered in a classic cardboard box.

What countries does MUUF ship to? 

We currently ship to Europe only.