Hey girl! This is MUUF.

A brand where everything is fluffy, faux and fab.

Besides furry things, we also have a bit of a thing for F words (duh).

We make bags and accessories from the softest and the highest quality faux fur. We believe in fur that’s humane, simple, fun and wearable any day, any season.

All items are handmade with love in Slovakia.

Join the MUUFment and spread love and compassion.
Go faux on the outside. Stay real on the inside. ♥️

Who's behind MUUF? 

Katy photo

Hi, I'm Katy.

I started MUUF in 2017 after I had an epiphany of recreating my great-grandma's 100-year-old muff (not the one you have in mind, you dirty ;). A muff is a hand warmer slash little pouch that ladies used to wear in winter a very long time ago.

I found one in my gran’s wardrobe once and I thought: a hand warmer and a bag, how awesome is that? Only, I could use a little less eccentric design (I seriously didn’t know that animal prints were a thing back in the 1920’s, did you?).

So I started working on a redesign. I experimented with different shapes and sizes, types of padding and lining, I widened the inner pocket, attached a faux leather strap to it.

I made the first prototype from a plushy faux fur. It didn’t look like anything serious at the beginning, but me and faux fur were slowly starting to fall in love. :)

And that’s when the idea of MUUF was born. By the way, the name of the brand comes from a typo I made in the word “muff”.

Why faux fur?

Since the launch of the brand, many people have asked me why I chose faux fur to be my signature material.

To tell you the truth, it is a horrible fabric to work with since I’m constantly covered in hairs, breathing them in, sweeping floors all the time, etc.

But more than anything, faux fur is a lot of fun. It’s a hugely versatile material that can look both elegantly sophisticated and playfully quirky.

A quality faux fur is an excellent alternative to real fur without the cost of animal lives and it makes me happy that still more and more high-end brands are supporting the cause and saying NO to real fur.

I pick faux furs for MUUF products very carefully. I only go for the softest and the thickest furs I can find so you can enjoy the fluffiness to the fullest.

Here’s to making the world a fluffier place. ♥️

Love, Katy xx