How to Care for Your Faux Fur: 4 Easy Tips

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If you’ve already had the pleasure of having a faux fur item in your wardrobe, you probably know by now that furry things require a bit more care than your fave cotton shirt.

(In case you’ve learned this the hard way, we’re sorry for your loss.)

Yep, faux fur clothes are not your ordinary pieces you can just stick in the wash after each time you wear them.

Now, to keep your faux fur garments look fabulous for as longest as possible, there are a couple of rules to follow.

First things first:

Not every faux fur is the same.

Even though all faux furs are made of polymeric (synthetic) fibers, they come in many different types and qualities. Some furs are made of 100% acrylic, polyester or polyamide but the most of them are a combination of these in various proportions.

In our own experience, the more acrylic the fabric contains, the less likely it is to survive the washing machine attack.

Which brings us to the first point:

1. Faux fur didn’t add washing machine as a friend

We don’t say never wash your fur. We only say that a walk to your nearest dry-cleaners might be a better idea.

You can often see care labels on faux fur items (especially 100% PES faux fur) say the piece can be washed on 30° but we just don’t recommend it.

Faux fur is a sensitive material and the pile may easily get damaged in the washing machine due to extensive friction and hot water.

In most cases, it’s enough to just brush out the dirt or dust from your fur with a soft-bristled brush or a fine-tooth comb.

If there’s a stain on your faux fur garment, try cleaning it locally first, with a little splash of lukewarm water and a drop of gentle liquid detergent before tossing it into the wash. Also, remember that faux fur isn’t on friendly terms with heat either. Even with spot-cleaning, never use hot water!

As for drying, it’s always air-dry for faux fur. Hair dryer is a big NO go and a tumble dryer is even a bigger one.

2. Store your faux fur item in a garment bag

Let your faux fur breathe. If you stick it tightly in between other clothes in your wardrobe, your furry friend may easily suffocate and lose its fluffy volume (which is the point!).

To avoid this, keep your faux fur garment in a special dust bag, ideally made of natural fiber such as linen. Linen allows for a natural flow of air inside the bag and absorbs moisture which prevents the fibers from clumping.

At MUUF, all our faux fur bags automatically come with a linen dust bag to make sure your faux fur lovelies keep their fuzzy look for many seasons to come.

Find your favourite faux fur garment a dark, dry and airy place and it will reward you!

3. Watch out for heavy rains and snows

The weather has its own ways, we know. It’s not always easy to dress suitably to its different moods throughout the day.

Faux fur is quite sensitive to water so if you want to maintain the fluffy quality of your faux fur, don’t expose it to rainfalls too much.

If the forecast says rain, think twice about bringing your faux fur thingy along or make sure you hide it carefully under your umbrella.

While fine drizzle might not damage the pile, a heavy rain exposure might clump the hairs and damage the fur fibers. If your faux fur item gets soaked, just brush the clumps out gently with a soft-bristled brush and let it air dry.

4. Show your faux fur a little love

Just like your own hair, your faux fur friend needs some extra care to keep its fluffy look.

Prevention is key. A proper way of storing your faux fur (see point 2.) makes a huge difference as well as regular brushing of the piles.

Use a soft-bristled brush or a fine-tooth comb to brush out the dust and dirt from your fur.

Especially if you’re wearing faux fur often, you should give it a weekly brushing time.

But remember, a gentle brush will do it, there’s no need of using too much force.

Also, make sure you don’t handle your faux fur item with wet or greasy hands. While your hands might love coconut oil, faux furs do not love it as much!

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