7 Things the Spice Girls Taught Us About Style

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If you were born in the late 1980s, there’s no chance you weren’t mad about the Spice Girls. You surely had a girl squad of five (ideally) and the lot of you zealously argued for hours about which one you were.

We can still remember as if it were yesterday how our hearts broke when Geri Halliwell announced she’s leaving the group. Can you believe it’s been 20 years ago already? Neither can we.

They were the absolute idols of our generation and even after all those years we still utterly love them.

The Spice Girls were also great influencers when it came to fashion and style. I mean, come on, who wasn’t dying for those killer platform sneakers?

These are the 7 best style lessons we learned from Ginger, Baby, Posh, Scary & Sporty and still swear by. Viva forever. ❤️

1. U R not short, U just wear the wrong shoes

The Spice Girls have shown us that high life starts with high heels. And if you can’t walk on heels, go for high platforms. Unless you are the Sporty Spice of course.

Spice girls style

photo: Racked

2. Screw trends, wear what makes you happy

Always be yourself. Your clothes should reflect your personality. If you feel comfy in all-black, by all means, wear it. If you love red and yellow combos, go ahead. The Spice Girls taught us to stick to our own style whatever the trends. Girl power comes in all colours and styles!

spice girls style

photo: Marie Claire

3. Feminism is so damn sexy

Whoever said being a feminist means not caring about the looks? Feminism is about empowering women. About women being taken seriously and equal to men, without them having to abandon their feminity. Girls want it all and the Spice Girls were there to shout it out loud!

spice girls style

photo: Daily Record

4. Crop tops rule, any day, any time

The Spice Girls wore crop tops a lot! They showed us that it’s even okay to lose the top and just go with the bra. Looks like the 90’s and crop tops are here to stay so brush the dust off of your gym membership card and shape up those abs!

spice girls style

photo: Diply

5. Activewear is really hot

Before Sporty Spice, activewear was something one could hardly call fashion. Thanks to Mel C and her abs, we fell in love with sports bras and high ponytails. Comfort comes first!

spice girls style

photo: Twitter

6. You can never be overdressed or overeducated

Victoria has always had a strong fashion sense — we could never see her wearing sequins mixed with animal prints like we did so many times on Scary or Ginger. Posh Spice was always the sensible one and taught us that elegant and prudent is the new black.

spice girls style

photo: remix release

7. Faux fur is actually fun fur

When it comes to mixing materials, there’s no one like the Spice Girls. Their faux fur combos still inspire us and prove that faux fur is probably the most quirky and playful thing to wear. The Spice Girls are our own faux fur style icons!

 spice girls style

photo: Twitter

PS: Wrote this while listening to Spice World. ❤️

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